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The Blue Chips J is a sports betting website. We focus specifically on basketball (with the NBA), hockey (with the NHL), and American Football (with the NFL).

In our website, the first thing we do is update our readers with whatever is happening in the sport of their choice. These updates are always important as they inform the public about certain pieces of information that will help them with their betting.

Apart from that, we cover news as they come up. Things like who has gone to a new team, what team people should look out for, what team they should avoid, and any developments that will help people make a more informed decision with their bets.

The main goal of the website is to ensure that people are informed of the history of sports betting, the implications of it, and how to keep it pure. We also would like to help betters by teaching them a few things about their sports and betting.

Our website is on full blast, all because the ban on sports betting is slowly being lifted in the United States.

The original sports ban was established n 1992. However, the supreme court ruled just this year that the initial ban was indeed infringing on the right of the states. Since then, New Jersey and Delaware have been states where betting has been legalized.